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           Terms & Conditions


                                France – Dordogne – Les Eyzies


Please read carefully before making a booking. Thank you.

Our General Terms & Conditions set out the basis on which the B&B LA FERME DE TAYAC will provide accommodation and other products and services to our Customers and Guests. By making a Booking the guests agree to comply with these Conditions.

Please inform yourself about additions and currently valid adjustments before your arrival.


LA FERME DE TAYAC offers accommodation in a private house as a Bed & Breakfast. Pleas bear in mind: we are not a hotel.

You will surely enjoy the small number of rooms and the high number of additional services which are hardly to find in other B&B`s.

The Rooms

The cosy decorated bedrooms at LA FERME DE TAYAC offer double beds at maximum for 2 (two) persons. Two rooms are changeable to twin beds.


All bedrooms are equipped with en-suite bathrooms which means they all have a private shower, wash basin and toilet in the bedroom.


All rooms are equipped with bed linen and towels.

The rooms are at maximum for two (2) persons only (children or adults). In some rooms a folding baby bed could be placed. One baby bed (only) can be made available for one (1) child up to 1,5years old. This is only valid on prior agreement.


Any undeclared person (child, adult) will be refused. In this case and if there is still a room available for the booked period, we might propose it as additional room for the person not declared by booking. The price of this room will come with the standard rate.

In case of agreement, the full balance of your stay will have to be paid immediately.

If you disagree, we will not be able to accommodate you at LA FERME DE TAYAC, the balance will be due immediately and your deposit will be lost.


Please do not eat in the rooms. You will find enough places to have a meal in the two lounges in the house and in the garden. Please note that guests are paying for any damage they cause.

You can prepare tea at any time with the tea equipment provided in the rooms for your stay. Please drink your tea only at the table in your room or in one of the public areas of the B&B.

In any case, please avoid causing stains. You will be held financially responsible for any stains or damage of any kind.

Arriving and leaving - Check-in / Check-out time

To give us enough time to clean intensely and make your bedroom feel homely the check-in time is between 4pm local time and 7pm local time, unless a different time has been agreed. Earlier arrival is generally not possible. If you need to arrive later, please let us know. If we are not informed in advance of your arrival later than 7pm, we cannot guarantee our availability.

If agreed before arrival you could put down your luggage in the house in one of the two lounges from 12 noon. It cannot be guaranteed that luggage will be supervised. We therefore accept no responsibility for this.

Please free up the room at the latest at 10am local time on your departure day. Thank you for your understanding that any later freeing up room would cause additional cost to you. You could put down your luggage in the house and pick it up later the day. For the time of collection of your luggage, please consult our availability.

Room Rates & Payment

The room rates are indicated per room and night and include a french breakfast at maximum for two persons.


For direct booking via our web page the prices per room, night and for a minimum of 3 (three) consecutive nights are available on our web page.


In exceptional cases we might accept bookings for 1 or 2 nights. In these cases, a surcharge for 1 night and room of 30€ will be charged. For a stay of 2 nights there will be a surcharge of 40€ per room. That means, e.g., for a stay of 1 night the price per room and night increases by 30€. In high season, these additional costs may vary. For these cases, a personal contact and agreement is needed to be made beforehand.


The room rate does NOT include a visitor´s tax. This means that you have to pay the visitor's tax in addition to the cost of your room with your balance on arrival.


For any booking on alternative platforms the prices shown there are relevant. These also do not include tourist tax.


By booking a room a deposit of 25% of the total room price of your stay will be asked to be payed via PayPal. Only by completing this deposit payment procedure your booking will be valid.

The balance is due to be paid on your arrival. The invoice will be handed over to you at this point in time.

You can pay the bill in cash or by credit carte (extra charges!). Two ATMs / cash machines are available in the center of the village.

Balance Payment per Credit Card is available by extra charges due to transactional cost.

If you would like to benefit on this facility the following fee will be charged:

1.5€ per Night, so e.g.: 4.5€ for 3 Nights for one room. Please note: We do not accept checks as a form of payment.


In any case, the payment will be made in EURO (€).


Cancellation policy

We strongly recommend that you take out a travel cancellation insurance. We kindly ask for your understanding to not offer a refund for deposit in a case of cancellation.

In the case of your cancellation or no-show, we will send you an invoice for the outstanding payments according to the cancellation date. Please note that this amount is due immediately. In the event of late settlement, we will charge an additional processing fee of €300. This amount is independent of any fees charged by third parties to whom we hand over the case after non-receipt of payment.

Cancellation 14 days before arrival date and no show - 100% of the booking price are due to be paid directly.

Cancellation 30 days before arrival date - 80% of the booking price are due to be paid directly.

More than 30 days before arrival date - 50% (means the deposit) are due. No payback of the deposit.


Room and Building Facilities

For any inconvenience related to your room and equipment in and around the house we thank you for letting us know as soon as possible.


It is common sense that any damage caused to the rooms, its objects and equipment or/and the property will be paid for in full by the tenant. This can be amongst others any breakages, stains, spillages, damage to furniture or fixtures and fittings. You are asked to address any damages and report it as soon as possible to minimise damage and associated costs.


Some of the furnishings are very old, valuable and partly non-replaceable items such as furniture, lamps, crockery, etc. In case of damage, you are obliged to pay the financial value for the replacement in this or at least similar form and age before your departure. Please note that in some cases this may involve several items, even if they are not damaged, if they form an ensemble. This is the case, for example, with crockery and pairs of lamps.

Please inform us immediately of any damage before your departure. If we have to discover them ourselves after your departure, we will charge an additional amount of 100€ for the cost of replacement.

The easiest way is to avoid the damage and to be very respectful of our facilities.

Room facilities
Our rooms are richly equipped. You will find useful and decorative furniture, lighting equipment and decoration for your use during your stay.
In addition, you will find in the rooms:
- Comfortable and robust bed linen with two very plump and sturdy pillows for each person (anti-allergic filling) measuring 60x60cm and 40x60cm, sheets, duvets or bedspreads depending on the temperature and season.
- Very soft towels: one large shower towel and one medium towel, shower mat and two wash gloves per person.
- A pool towel per person for exclusive use at our pool. If you like to swim outside our house, we urge you to use your private bath towels.
- A bathrobe per person for use in our house or at our pool.
- Tea facilities with a kettle, two tea glasses or cups and a selection of tea bags.
- One suitcase rack. If you need a second one, please contact us. We will provide it for you if it is available.
- In the bathroom you will find mirrors and a supply of soap, shower gel (in the shower) and accessories.
- A make-up remover glove, which we ask you to use in order to preserve our bed linen, your skin and, in addition, nature.
- The Junior Suite CHARLES TRENET has additional equipment, which you can find in the room description.
- In some rooms you will find shower curtains at the shower entrance. We wash and disinfect these after each room occupancy.

All this for the number of persons booked for the room.
If you would like additional equipment, please ask for our price list with the additional possibilities.

If you wish, we will change your towels from the 3rd day of your stay. We also change your bed linen by arrangement at the earliest after 7 days of your stay.
We reserve the right to charge you for additional linen changes to those mentioned here. 

On your arrival, we will provide you a key with a specific key fob which allows you to access the house, garden and the room. This key is part of our global security closing system and requires a special production. The cost of replacement keys is therefore considerable. A loss of the key will incur a replacement charge from you per key and fob about 150€. To avoid this cost for you please take care on key and key fob. All key fobs are individual, and some are unique.


Under no circumstances do we allow smoking or any kind of open fire in any of the buildings including the bedrooms, all social areas and covered terrace. Smoking outside the window is also a violation of this rule. This also applies to electronic cigarettes and all types of vaporizers

Failure to adhere to this requirement will result in Guest(s) being asked to leave the B&B immediately in which event all Charges and Additional Charges will become immediately payable by the Guest. The Penalty Fee for not adhering to this rule is an additional €200.


Please be extremely careful with cigarette stubs and matches also outside specifically nearby highly combustible materials including and amongst others the terrace areas, lawn, trees etc. Please use the ashtrays posed by some points in the garden. We are happy to show you where they can be found.


Please be very careful in case of glass breakage. Please clean up the area where glass fragments might remain. We are happy to help you.

We work for sustainable tourism

We love our environment We are an active part of this world and are willing to assure that it will be treated well and that their resources including water and any kind of energy are used carefully. You are invited to safe energy, water, mitigate any waste as much as possible and help for waste separation. There is an extra bin beside the fridge on the ground floor for your recyclables. There is also a small plastic container for compostable waste.

You can support us in this by using the linen of our house in a considerate way.
We also ask you to actively help us save energy. Switch off lamps that are not needed. In general, turn off all lights and unneeded electrical appliances when you leave your room.
Please use water sparingly as a natural resource.

However, we will do our best to make sure your stay will be as comfortable as possible and your vacations at LA FERME DE TAYAC will become a real highlight of your life.


In the context of sustainable tourism, in order to limit water evaporation from the pool, we close the pool at night between 9 pm and 9.30 am, depending on the temperature and weather conditions.

If you would like to use the pool during off-peak times, please let us know in advance.

The pool is equipped with an alarm system, which you can deactivate with the code you receive from us. Any manipulation other than the use of the code is strictly prohibited. In the event of an offence, you will lose the right to stay in our hotel.

The alarm system emits a loud, repetitive acoustic signal in the event that a person is in the pool without having entered the code. Please note that this signal only has a certain strength and its audible range can vary due to wind, etc. A signal can mean that a person needs help. Please react appropriately in the event of a signal. Thank you very much.

We use a pool robot for regular cleaning of the pool. Please note: When the pool robot is in the water, it is strictly forbidden for people to be in the water.

We thank you for your understanding that we cannot allow you to use your private air conditioning units. Some fans etc. are available for a rental fee. Please only use these devices when you are in your room.

LA FERME DE TAYAC with his historic buildings, ruins and the various garden areas is not well prepared for children. It is with you to decide and to take all responsibility in case of any issue.

We take no responsibility for the use of the house and associated gardens by you and your children.


Please be especially careful when walking on the rock that often comes to the surface. Very often, and especially when wet and humid, it is slippery and there is a risk of slipping. The same applies to all steps and stairs, some of which are not evenly shaped and not or not always lit.

You also use these at your own risk.


We thank you for your understanding that the property and their facilities are reserved for our guests only.


Sorry, pets are not allowed. Please note that in case of non-compliance you will immediately lose your right to further accommodation and your bill will be due in the full amount of the booked stay.


The ruins and barns are private areas. Please note that you enter them at your own risk, so we are not liable for any damages. Safe access cannot be guaranteed in any way.
An exception is made for guests who have permission to store their bicycles in one of the lockable barns provided for this purpose.

Laundry Services

We offer an in-house laundry service with a charge. Please ask for the current tariff. It includes one washing-machine load and one tumble-dryer load.  We assume no responsibility for any damage to your laundry. The Service can be booked via room booking online or at any time on-site. You will find an alternative laundry self-made service in the village beside the supermarket and petrol station.


Forgotten things

Things you forgot on departure will be kept for a year. After that, we will dispose of them, unless otherwise agreed with you.

In very rare cases, we may decide to forward forgotten items to you. In these cases we will charge a packing, handling and transport fee of 25€ in addition to the postage costs. The shipment will be made after receipt of the amount by bank transfer. In no case we take over the guarantee or possibly arising costs for the risk of getting lost in the post.

Jurisdiction and further general rules

WiFi Internet access is available inside the house and rooms. Please note: Bandwidth/quality of reception may vary due to the thick walls of the hundreds of years old house.

By any usage you accept to use this access to the Internet fairly and appropriately.  It is not provided nor ideal for heavy media streaming, extensive downloads nor uploads and online gaming amongst others. Access to illegal activities or use of our network for illegal activity is prohibited and will be reported to local authorities.


By leaving personal belongings in common areas inside and outside of the B&B in the garden areas including the refrigerator which is placed in one of the common areas inside for free disposal by all guests, you agree that we will not take any responsibility in the case of loss or damages.


Parking - Beside the property there are several on-site parking places available. By using them you agree to park your vehicles at your own risk.


Exclusive jurisdiction is 24620 Les Eyzies, France.


The invalidity of one or more of the above points will not affect the validity of the remaining terms and conditions.


We are happy to answer any question around this terms & conditions.

By booking you agree to accept all our terms & conditions

Thank you for reading this, now click HERE to make a booking.

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