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La Ferme de Tayac



Pool with waving blue water
Pool with waving blue water

Blue waving water in the pool of La Ferme de Tayac. It is surrounded with green hedges of lavender, rosemary, cypress, garden sage and box trees.

Room Yves Montant
Room Yves Montant

Original cinema poster from 1956 of the movie "Hommes et loups" with Yves Montand. Complex oak beam structure supporting the roof. Old bakelite radio from the 30's. Bed linen and bathrobes from Linvosges.


Eleonore´s famous golden-brown baked Tarte Tatin you might find on the table in every season.

Pool with waving blue water
Pool with waving blue water

Blue waving water in the pool of La Ferme de Tayac. It is surrounded with green hedges of lavender, rosemary, cypress, garden sage and box trees.


Why to book here ?

Dordogne - Holiday in the past

Take a holiday in history. Stay in Périgord at a several hundred years old farmhouse. Founded as a monastery more than 900 years ago beside the fortified church of Tayac. Dive into an opulent blooming and greening garden. The ground full of the saga how the manhood grew up to artists. Numerous caves bear witness of it. Enjoy the atmosphere of the Good Old Ages in the valley of the Vézère river. A nature with a high number of Neandertal`s and Homo Sapien`s hometowns.


Our Rooms

Cosy rooms decorated in warm colours will assure your comfort, well-being and relaxation. Our charming B&B offers you a range of French and European prestigious brands as bed linen Linvosges, bathroom products  The White Company, Pure Herbs, Weleda and coffees from Nespresso.



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Breakfast with cup and croissant symbol

A copious breakfast will assure you a fantastic start in a perfect day. Ask for the Font-de-Gaume breakfast.

On same days we cook for our guests. Please contact us.


Blooming and greening, with 2 covered terraces for a BBQ and numerous cosy sitting areas.


A 12 to 5m pool in the middle of the garden surrounded by sun loungers and chairs. Come and relax with your pool towels and bathrobes you`ll find in your room.

Gramophone Music

Enjoy a music event with original shellac discs from the beginning of 20th century. Yves Montand, Edith Piaf, Charles Trenet, Josephine Baker, Glenn Miller …

Daily Housekeeping
Your room will be cleaned and prepared for the new day after breakfast every day.
Guest Fridge
In a second lounge you will find a fridge which is available for guests according remaining space.
A (N)espresso /a cup of tea at any time
Take a seat and enjoy a good cup of coffee. You`ll find 2 Nespresso machines including capsules in the house, a kettle and tea equipment in any room.
Laundry Service
You can choose a laundry in-house service or a self-made one in the village
Picnic in the Garden
Enjoy a picnic on one of the two covered terrace or in the various sitting areas. We are happy to provide you all necessary things as plates,  glasses, cutlery.
Free Wifi

In mostly all areas of the house. Please note: Bandwidth/quality of reception may vary due to the thick walls of the hundreds of years old house. 

We have a selection of books in different languages available. If you´d like to take one with you thanks you for leaving one in exchange.
BBQ  Equipment
We have a BBQ (gas) available and are happy to provide you with plates, cutlery & Co.

GALLERY  -  come in and chill out

frog prince in the waving pool water
frog prince in the waving pool water

The green frog prince floating on the waving pool with its turquoise water is awaiting you. The pool is surrounded by a high number of green tones and various corners of chaires, long chaires, banks and a Hollywood swing and a very comfortable double hammock. Chairs and a very old stone bank invites the B&B guests to chill out in the sun or in the shade. A blue and white floating tyre drifts on the water.

blue pool with green-red garden
blue pool with green-red garden

View to the blue pool within the green and red couloured summer garden of La Ferme de Tayac. It is surrounded be green boxtrees, Lavender and flowering pots. The blue summer sky gives a perfect background to the green and red leafs of the hedges and trees around the pool.

Pool with waving water
Pool with waving water

The blue waving water of the pool surrounded by green hedges and trees, lawn and flowers, invites you to swim and take a refreshing bath inside the green garden of La Ferme de Tayac.



Prehistoric Caves
Grottes Font de Gaume, Combarelles, Rouffignac, Cap Blanc, Sorcier, Abri de Poisson. Lascaux in 20km. An innumerable number of caves and grottos you´ll find in Les Eyzies and in the proximity. Paintings, sculptures, flowstones. More than you can imagine..
Beynac, Marqueysac, Milande, Hautefort ...Visite Richard the Lionheart and Josephine Baker. Medieval villages with their stone houses, manoirs, châteaux, more than you could ever visit.
Walking Tours 
Walking in the Nature in Périgord Noir means Walking in History.  Just step out of the garden portal and start one of the fantastic trials right from La Ferme de Tayac !
350m nearby the Vézère with  several Canoeing options awaiting you.
Dordogne Canoeing by 15min.
Dordogne traditional boat tours with a Gabarres.
Horse Riding 
There is a horse farm just beside, La Ferme de Fonluc. Enjoy the green hilly area on the back of a horse.
Charcuterie Fromage Wine
Le Périgord, means le Savoir Vivre à la Française. Trappe d`Echourgnac, Cabécous, Rocamadur, Pécharmant, Bergerac. Not to forget: le foie gras of  a canard or goose. We have a huge number of addresses from manufacturers and farm shops for you.
Gardens  & Parks
Balanced climate brings an exceptional vegetation. Marqueyssac, Eyrignac, Losse, Milande, Hautefort, Campagne and their châteaux. Medieval, panoramic, exotic, greening and flowering wonders of nature to visit, to experience, to smell.


“I don't believe I have ever been so well looked after. There is absolutely nothing that's too much trouble for Eleonore. The rooms are lovely with supply of both towels for shower and pool as well as robes to wear .  Such a beautiful place with such good and kind owners... Can't wait to come back.” Richard, GB


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