Village du Bournat


Village du Bournat - Ferme de Tayac

The Village of Bournat is a unique site in the Dordogne – Périgord which offers visitors of all ages some unforgettable memories. Here local craftsmen bring an exceptional heritage back to life and all events in the village, even the “1900″ fun fair, are free. Since its foundation, Le Bournat village has been constantly changing and renewing its features and attractions.

More than 160,000 visitors come here each year, to spend a few hours or a whole day. The originality and unique character of the place have made it the number one touristic site in the Dordogne.

Here is a place that will delight both younger and older visitors and will give them the opportunity to find out what life was like in a Périgord village some 100 years ago, to preserve handycraft traditions thought to be lost, to sample the local specialities, and to bridge the gap between the generations.

One of the most interesting features of the village is the number of craftsmen who work here, bringing back to life before your eyes many trades which have become very rare. You will be amazed by their congeniality and friendliness.

  • The baker, he comes to his stone oven specially to bake bread before your eyes.
  • The wood-turner, do you know how the old-fashioned tops were made?
  • Basket-weaving and Wheat-braiding, see how the slim stalks are intertwined between the weaver’s nimble fingers, to become a basket.
  • The Farrier no one matches his skill for manufacturing old fashioned nails and luck-bringing horseshoes.
  • The Barrel-hoop Maker, how to select the best branches to make hoops that will encircle the barrels containing our finest wines…
  • The Spinner, discover how, from the coarse wool from our sheep, one can spin and work the immaculate strands, as our grandmothers used to do.
  • The Potter, see her hands gradually give shape to jugs, vases, jars which she then decorates with talent.

And many more…

Opening dates and times
The village is open from 18 February to 11 November
Opening times: May to September from 10am to 7pm – October to May: from 10am to 5pm

24260 Le Bugue sur Vézère
Tel. 05 53 08 41 99 / Fax 05 53 08 42 01