Outdoor Activities

Ferme de Tayac is ideally located just a kilometer outside of Les Eyzies in the heart of the Vezere Valley, and walking distance to the Dordogne and Beune Valley. The Vezere Valley were the roaming grounds of our Prehistoric ancestors  that settled here more than 260,000 years ago. No matter where you hike, mountain bike, canoe or horse ride, you will pass caves, shelters, troglodytes and lots more. Just 2 km from Ferme de Tayac you can go from the Vezere Valley into the Dordogne Valley, famous for the stunning and picturesque Medieval towns and villages, castles, forts, strongholds and Bastides.
No matter what outdoor activities you enjoy doing, you can be sure that you can enjoy an active stay at Ferme de Tayac. We have numerous marked hiking trails that leave from our B&B, as well as mountain biking trails for those that are in need for a bit of speed. The Vezere River is a 2 min. stroll, and there are numerous Canoe outfitters that will take you up the river, so you can canoe back to Les Eyzies. We are also just 5 min. from our neighbor Ferme de Fonluc that offers a wide range of horse riding tours and trips.
Enjoy an active day exploring the area, and come back to Ferme de Tayac and enjoy and relax around the large swimming pool, with a glass of wine and plan your next adventure.


Hiking – Walking

Hiking Ferme de Tayac

The Dordogne, also known as the Perigord is without a doubt one of the most interesting and diverse regions in the world. The Vezere Valley in the “Perigord Noir” is with it’s more than 250 UNESCO sites of interest, the undisputed “Prehistoric Capital of the World”. Prehistoric dwellings, caves, rock shelters and lots more, most of which are only accessible on foot.

** 0 min. from Ferme de Tayac **

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Canoeing – Kayaking

Canoeing Ferme de Tayac

Travelling by canoe down the Dordogne and Vezere river, one passes ancient fortresses and small towns, clinging to the cliffs. Among the many prehistoric sites in the area is the famous cave of Lascaux, with its 17,000-year old paintings. Later periods of history are represented by medieval churches and by the sixteenth century red-stone mansions of Collonges. At Eyrignac, an eighteenth century formal garden has been lovingly re-created adjoining the ancestral chateau.

** 2 min. walk from Ferme de Tayac **

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Horse Riding / Treks

Horse Riding Ferme de Tayac

For hundreds, if not thousands of years, our ancestors would travel to far away places to trade goods, for hundreds of years, and many generations would follow the same tracks and trails to get to these often remote places. Along the way they would rest at places that have now become villages, hamlets and even towns. These tracks and trails quickly disappeared with the invention of the train and later the automobile.. lost and forgotten forever.. well almost, we take you on a trip of a lifetime following these long forgotten trails

** 5 min. walk from Ferme de Tayac **



Mountain Biking / Cycling

Mountain Biking Dordogne - Ferme de Tayac

Walking Dordogne has spent more than 2 years putting together what is without any doubt the best mountain biking trails in the Dordogne. Their trails will put a smile on every mountain biker, and all can be started at Ferme de Tayac. The French are very much into cycling themselves, and cyclist are treated with respect on the Dordogne roads.

** 0 min. from Ferme de Tayac **

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Fishing / Fly Fishing

Fly fishing Dordogne - Ferme de Tayac

Take a couple of hours off at the end of a busy sightseeing day and relax. Cast out your line and just take in the beauty around you, imagine your ancestors fishing in that same spot 400.000 years ago. Of course you will hook the largest trout in the whole of France… But hey.. who gives a monkeys he managed to get away…As long as you enjoyed yourself.

** 2 min. walk from Ferme de Tayac **




Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing Dordogne - Ferme de Tayac

Who needs the Himalayas when you’ve got Les Eyzies…..mentioned in one breath with Everest, K2, Mnt.Cook, Les Eyzies…. Pre-historic rock faces riddled with caves and pot-holes…most people can only dream of…But not you, ooh no you will be up there like a greased whippet.

** 15 min. drive from Ferme de Tayac **






Golf Dordogne - Ferme de Tayac

There are 60 Golf courses in the South West, the greens and fairways are permanently green. Many of the courses are adjacent to the large rivers which flow through the departments and the soil base of varying mixtures of rock, blue clay and sand retains and traps the moisture throughout the year. Most courses have electric buggies and all are playable 52 weeks of the year because of the excellent temperatures and weather conditions. South West France has a long tradition of playing golf, the course at PAU – BILLERE being the oldest club in continental Europe, created for and by the British Army in 1856

** 15 min. drive from Ferme de Tayac **



Tennis Dordogne - Ferme de Tayac

The only big event Andre Aggasi hasn’t won is the “Les Eyzies de Tayac Open”… probably because he’s never heard of it, OK, so it doesn’t exist ( yet) But the good news is, Les Eyzies de Tayac has 4 tennis courts (floodlit).

** 2 min. walk from Ferme de Tayac **





Wine Tasting

Wine tasting Dordogne - Ferme de Tayac

France produces more wine than anywhere else in the world, so it’s not easy to go out and buy a bottle of wine when you have thousands of different brands to choose from. Then why not spend some time tasting a few, get to know what a fantastic body it’s got, let the bouquet take it’s toll….well, you must know more about wine than I do.

** 2 min. drive from Ferme de Tayac **




Caving / Pot Holing

Caving and Potholing Dordogne - Ferme de Tayac

To explore every cave in the Vezere Valley, you would have to start at the young age of 3 months, and live to at least 97!!.. Be prepared to go back millions of years, be prepared to to see things you thought you would only see in the National Geographic,.. be prepared to get hooked on caving!

** 10 min. walk from Ferme de Tayac **