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Hells Gorge Loop Hiking Trail

April 2, 2014
02 Apr 2014

Hells Gorge loop is a fantastic and scenic 10 km marked hiking trail that takes you through and over Hells Gorge.


History of  Hells Gorge

Although the area was used by our Prehistoric ancestors, it was the Romans that were convinced that  Hells Gorge was the entrance to Hell. 

In 56 BC Publius Crassus, a lieutenant of Julius Caesar setup camp in what is now ‘Commarque” in the Beune Valley just 10km from “Hells Gorge”   One early morning in February Publius Crassus sent 50 soldiers to find the best route to what is now “Perigueux”

These 50 soldiers setup camp at Hells Gorge around the small lake [ that still exists ] Two days later an army scout found the remains of all 50 soldiers at the bottom of the small lake, fully clothed and no injuries.

12 soldiers were sent to retrieve the bodies from the lake, and they themselves were never seen or heard of again. 

The Romans mapped the area as Hells Gorge, and never set foot onto it again..  


This loop starts right at the doorstep of B&B Ferme de Tayac, the loop is just under 10km, and can be walked in 2 hours, however we suggest taking your time and enjoy a picnic along the trail.

The photo’s below were all taken on the Hells Gorge Loop Trail on April 1st 2014

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