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Commarque Loop Hiking Trail

April 16, 2014
16 Apr 2014

The Commarque Loop is a fantastic 2 hour / 6km  scenic hike, ideal for everyone interested in the many aspects of the history Commarque boasts of, including Prehistoric, Roman and Medieval.

This loop Ferme de Tayac has put together starts just down the road from the Magdalenian “Cap Blanc” shelter, and just a stones throw from the rock overhang where the “Venus of Laussel” was found  [ Upper Paleolithic Goddess with a Horn ]

This hike takes you along the Beune River on a Roman road, then onto an un-marked trail passing through numerous rock overhangs to the Prehistoric and Medieval Troglodyte village of Comarque, with the Chateau looking down at you. Here you can explore the lower part of the Commarque, and you will definitely be taking lots of photo’s.
From this point you will pick up a marked trail that meanders through the stunning Commarque countryside.  

commarque hike loop