Interesting Facts

Some interesting facts about Ferme de Tayac

The oldest part of Ferme de Tayac was built in 1113, it was built as a fortified structure with walls that are a meter thick ( more than 3 feet ) We do not know precisely when the last building was finished, but we believe around 1700, because there are dates 1702, 1711 and 1722 carved into the walls.
Ferme de Tayac was built, and owned by the Monastery of Paunat, and was lived in, and worked by the monks.


Ferme de Tayac is 900 years old (2013) which means…

  • Ferme de Tayac was already standing for 379 years BEFORE Columbus set off to America
  • Louis VI, was King of France (1108–1137)
  • Eleanor of Aquitaine (1122-1204) was born 9 years after Ferme de Tayac was built
  • In 1223, Exactly 110 years after Ferme de Tayac was built Genghis Khan invaded China & then Persia & Russia
  • Richard the Lionheart ( King Richard 1st) was not yet born, he was born 44 years later ( born on September 8, 1157 )
  • Ferme de Tayac has witnessed about 11070 full moons
  • Clocks did not yet exist, they appeared more than 200 years later (1335)
  • The Signing of the Magna Carta happened 102 years after Ferme de Tayac was built.
  • Ferme de Tayac is built against a solid rock face, it has 2 storeys, ground level and 1st floor, but BOTH are on ground level… (think about it!)
  • Cro-Magnon, The missing link between “Modern Man” (us) and our Prehistoric Ancestors, was discovered in 1868 just 2 min. walk from Ferme de Tayac
  • Ferme de Tayac and St. Martin ( the fortified church opposite Ferme de Tayac ) was built because of a natural water source ( well ) that was believed to contain “healing powers” ( the well still exists )


    So, there you have it, but we have saved the best interesting facts, which we will tell you in person, so come and stay at Ferme de Tayac, and you’ll definitely have interesting stories to tell your friends & family.