Forgotten Glory Hiking Trail

April 18, 2014
18 Apr 2014


In the Spring of 1348 the Black Death or as most know it, The Plague reached the Dordogne, less than a month after ships expelled from Genoa stopped briefly at Marseilles before moving on to the coast of Spain. From Marseilles the disease moved west into the Dordogne. 10’s of Thousands of people throughout the Dordogne died within a matter of months, and small villages and hamlets were deserted in sometimes a matter of weeks. Forgotten Glory is an exploration hike to a, what was once a small thriving hamlet consisting of about 20 homes and small farms and walled pastures. Left behind more than 700 years ago, nature has reclaimed what was hers to start with, Leaving just one thing behind… Forgotten Glory

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Trail of Wild Garlic

April 17, 2014
17 Apr 2014

The Trail of Wild Garlic is a Ferme de Tayac hiking trail, and you will not find any info about this fantastic and exciting hiking trail anywhere else. The reason for this is because most of the hike is on private land.

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The Seven Brothers Loop Hiking Trail

April 17, 2014
17 Apr 2014

The Seven Brothers Loop Hiking Trail is a wonderful 6km / 2 hours trail that gives the hiker a chance to explore the medieval Tayac, before taking you along ancient trails that were used by market traders for 1000’s of years.

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Commarque Loop Hiking Trail

April 16, 2014
16 Apr 2014

The Commarque Loop is a fantastic 2 hour / 6km  scenic hike, ideal for everyone interested in the many aspects of the history Commarque boasts of, including Prehistoric, Roman and Medieval.

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Prehistoric Loop Hiking Trail

April 13, 2014
13 Apr 2014

Prehistoric Loop Hiking Trail

This is a fairly new trail that Les Eyzies has put together. The trail takes you on a journey to the main Prehistoric spots the area has to offer. Along the way, information boards explain the history and or Geology of the area. Read more

Hells Gorge Loop Hiking Trail

April 2, 2014
02 Apr 2014

Hells Gorge loop is a fantastic and scenic 10 km marked hiking trail that takes you through and over Hells Gorge.


History of  Hells Gorge

Although the area was used by our Prehistoric ancestors, it was the Romans that were convinced that  Hells Gorge was the entrance to Hell. 

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Marked hiking trails from Ferme de Tayac

January 20, 2013
20 Jan 2013

The Dordogne and Vezere Valley has so much to offer, and most visitors have very limited time to actually relax and enjoy the real beauty away from the crowds the area has to offer. The Dordogne has one of, if not THE best hiking / trails network in the world. In theory every Dordogne town, village and commune can be reached using the well marked hiking trails trails.  Read more